Massage and Sleep


Are you looking for new ways to move past your sleep troubles? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that a third of US adults get less than the recommended amount of sleep. Even worse, chronic lack of sleep can result in diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, or even heart disease. The good news: getting a regular massage might just be the answer —

— and an enjoyable one at that. For example, one study conducted in China found that 76% of people treated regularly with massage therapy no longer experienced symptoms of insomnia.

And dozens of independent studies found that massage can improve sleep for people with a wide variety of medical ailments, including more common occurrences like lower back pain and migraines.

Find out if massage is the right solution for your sleep woes. This article will explore the different kinds of massage therapy and which could be the best fit for you. Wave goodbye to restless nights and sleeping pills, and say hello to deeply relaxing and fulfilling massages instead.

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