Holiday Greetings!



I hope you have had a great Thanksgiving and a chance to spend some time relaxing with those people that mean the most to you! As we say goodbye to another year, here’s wishing you lots of holiday cheer. Often the best part of the holidays is catching up with all those who give your life special meaning. Enjoy yourself!

During this busy time of year, be sure to allow adequate time for taking good care of yourself. It’s so easy to overextend when there’s so much to do and so many people to see. (Consider how helpful a massage could be to keep you going strong).

I still have some availability this month, so hurry and call/text or email to reserve your appointment. Get that boost your body needs to get you through to the New Year!

Give The Gift Of Massage

The holiday season comes with all kinds of lovely traditions, like family, food, and lights. Unfortunately, between gift-giving, navigating the winter weather, and perhaps just a bit of a togetherness overdose, the holidays can often come with a bonus tradition as well: stress.

This year, avoid the department store madness and help your loved ones relax with the gift of massage. Gift certificates are easy-as-pumpkin pie to purchase, and are useful for anything from a Therapeutic massage appointment to soothe Aunt Judith’s winter aches, to a relaxing Swedish massage appointment for you to unwind and enjoy.

Gift Certificates are available in store and online. Purchase in store by appointment or purchase an Instant Gift Certificate by clicking here. Email an instant gift certificate to someone as a gift or print it out for yourself!

Everywhere around the world, people celebrate special moments with touch; from handshakes to high-fives to hugs. So start a new tradition this year and share the gift of massage with someone whose presence in your life is definitely worth celebrating.